GF for SC and other amazing things for Saturday

If you’ve been paying attention, you have probably noticed that one of the strongest assets to my recovery has been the unrelenting support of my cousin, SC. For real, y’all, she puts up with A LOT of shit from me/MV. And it’s not like she’s hot nothing better to do, and is all like “heyyyyy, lemme just sit around on my iPhone and text my crazy little southern cousin!” She’s got babies to pry out and her own stuff to deal with too.

Recently, SC’s chiro (and many others) suggested she try going gluten free. Well, I think we all know how this family feels about our chiropractic professionals, right!!!? Obviously, this is advice to be taken seriously! Serious, and seriously terrifying for a self proclaimed foodie.

So. I have pledged to join her into her new adventures in eating.


* why not?

* I have a seriously screwed up relationship with food, something at some point had to have happened to make me hate it. What’s wrong with me isn’t textbook anorexia– it’s weird. And it’s possible that I hate food because of the impact the things I eat have on my body… Who knows really *shrug*

* Gebi suggested eliminating ALL grains from my diet, so starting with gluten seems reasonable.

Most importantly
Anorexia is demanding. As a slave to the MV, the rest of the world sees a very skinny, very selfish, very bendy girl.

There has never been a moment that SC was too busy to deal with me. Never anything she was unwilling to try to help me. Never even a second that she gave up on me.

I can now do something to support SC. I can venture beyond myself, to do something unselfish. The two of us can learn about food together… It’s less intimidating than starting fresh in a world full of experts, ’cause let’s face it, most twenty something’s are quite experienced when it comes to just eating.

I’m excited!

Other good things from today…

I went into work, but realized I’d much rather spend my Saturday with my dog, so I left after only an hour. Avery and I had a lot of fun. I’m glad she is with me, and helps me when I get scared to go places or try new things alone I can do it for Avery. I decided today that we need Sam here with us, and that I am completely capable of caring for all 3 of us. I’m going to bring him home on Tuesday, when I go to let the former roommate’s dogs out!

Out day in pictures:

Rainy trip to the farmers market

Bark in the Park

Dog store







We’re exhausted!


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