Restoring order

I can’t believe how instant and completely Dr. J can change things for me!!!

I left her office and went straight to Publix to find some lunch. We ran a bit long today because my shoulder was pretty determined to remain dysfunctional. Then, we realized she forgot to do my wrists and elbows (and you though chiropractors only played with spines), which I NEEED like an addict. OMG! Seriously, I need to teach Avery how to adjust my elbows. It’s going to be a mandatory prerequisite for my future spouse too.

Anyhow, I was a little late getting back to work…

**Side note**
I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned here, but I am CONSTANTLY in trouble for being late. Now, part of that was living in the village and having a long ass commute. Part if it had to do with breakfast wars. And Pinterest might be a tiny bit to blame on occasion as well.

So, I could have made it, if I’d gone straight from Dr. J, back to the office. But “Ding Dong, the MV’s gone!” I was getting some food, damn it! I e-mailed my supervisor and let her know. Then, when I got back I was giving her my times for next week, and told her I’d gotten back late because we ran a bit long and I HAD to eat. She smiled and told me not to worry about it on those days.

My ears were poppy and my equilibrium was completely off again in yoga today… I’m pretty sure the last time I had a yoga-on-the-high-seas-practice was also my first class post adjustment last week.

Tonight, Avery and I baked brownies!


Don’t worry! I keep her safe when I open the oven door!


But, since puppies can’t have brownies,

We made cheese eggs too!

Avery likes coconut peanut butter too 😉


I like brownies!!!


I haven’t been able to cook anything because the sink wasn’t working when I moved in. But today I came home to this,


How totally sweet are the maintenance dudes at my new digs?


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