Lovely. Just what I needed today…

Thanks, friend, for feeling the need to put this on my Facebook wall.

I’m fairly certain we had vastly different reactions to reading this.

P.S- my stupid mind figured out that I now live close enough to work that I can go home to barf on my breaks. So, no, I’m really not “better” and I did not find this article hilarious… However, the two packs of mints thing seems rather enticing. Thanks for the advise, friend.


8 thoughts on “Lovely. Just what I needed today…

  1. So….. Life has meaning according to how thin we are? We could substitute some other words for “thin”, such as powerful, rich, baddass, influential, privileged, etc. Could you share a bit of your take on the article, Teenie?

      • The friend who shared this, is not a close friend… Not even someone I’ve net face to face. I know her through dog rescue. She’s got a lot of personal issues that she shares very publicly.

        Now, I do realize that I am quite honest here, but it’s mostly anonymous. Some folks that I know personally know because I shared the link. It’s also my personal space to write as I wish… Different from something like Facebook.

        Anyway. She is trying to start her own rescue, and convince her audience to take her seriously, while airing things that are extremely personal. She writes demanding equality, respect, and understanding for her own issues.

        I have stopped everything I was doing, countless times, to talk to her when needed. I have supported and encouraged her and accepted that which plagues her.

        This, while poorly conveyed, is an article about eating disorders. The authors thoughts are extremely telling. Her words leave me feeling exposed, vulnerable… She is telling my secrets.

        And in the comments, I see only hate. My friend wrote “too bad there is no cosmetic surgery for the soul. You can’t diet away ugly on the inside. Miserable. Lifeless troll.”

      • I do see what you mean. Online commenters can be brutal, and I sure don’t want you to attract any of that. Your posts are entertaining, but the real value for me is that you share difficult stuff and you do it courageously. I learn from you and I appreciate how much you must be risking with some of the posts. So, thank you.

  2. that’s ridiculous…
    The lady who wrote that article is insane, you’re friend, maybe even more-so to read it and think it would be a good idea to spread it to anyone, let alone to you.

  3. Good grief! I read that article and I have to say, that is depressing!!! I’m trying to recover from an eating disorder and I have to say I would rather die than diet every single day of my life, it’s wayyy too much work and energy!

  4. What’s really sad is that the author has no other way of measuring her success than her size. Surely, as a professional and a human being, she must have other qualities than the mere absence of excess fat on her body! Yet in the article, she ascribes all of her personal and professional successes to her relative leanness. Is there anything else to her life than that?

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