I do bad things, and have strong yoga

I do bad things.
I take class under-fuled and in-hydrated.
I chug water after the final breathing, then run out on savasana to get rid of it before anyone else comes in the locker room.
I am mortified by this newest screwed up behavior. Why the hell can’t I control my damn self!?

Oddly, my practice was good tonight. I was sore, and had to work hard, but it was sore in the right places. I could stand quietly between sets. I was in control of my heart and breathing. It was not by any means effortless or what one might call “fun” but it was solid, the kind of class that you know can lead to wonderful things if maintained.

Plus, after class, Andy asked me about advanced, which was cool. When Amanda asked me the first time she said “you’ve gotten super tiny and super good, you should come to advanced.” I was well below normal at the time, and have lately been feeling too fat to try even if I could get the schedule worked out.

I practiced with a shirt on today, so I didn’t have to look at my marshmallow belly. I think it worked… But made me hot and gross.


3 thoughts on “I do bad things, and have strong yoga

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