Office rules

Things you should not do while at work:
• dress for snow (even if you are cold)
• throw away the communal coffee spoon and tell everyone it’s gross
• sit in easy pose in your chair
• W-sit in your chair.
• sit wit your feet in your chair and your knees against your chest.
• put your feet over your head… Even if it doesn’t slow down your own working, apparently it is distracting to others
• stand up and do half moon when you’ve been sitting too long
• putting spinach in your oatmeal
• sitting, standing, or otherwise climbing on the furniture (hey, I’m short!)

^^^ I try reallllllly hard, but I am not very good at following these rules!

Things that are acceptable while at work:
• wall-walking in the break room
• skipping in the parking lot
• standing in tree poses to do the faxing
• bow pulling, standing on your stool, while waiting for fax confirmations
• VFFs are ok to wear to work, but not flip flops (pink sparkley flip flops are still flip flops… Even if the boss has the same exact pair in black and HR wears reefs)

Yoga time!!!


15 thoughts on “Office rules

  1. I work from home so I can pretty much wear what I want (I look like I’m at meditation retreat, or sick with the flu) and sit however feels comfy (I move about a LOT in my chair or on the floor while working on my laptop). Occasionally I feel like playing ”corporate professional” so I head to a nice coffee shop and wear a suit jacket and drink a nice cup of coffee 😉

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