Mr. B

Bentley was my first dog. He stayed in the village with the former roommate.


We adopted him from the shelter as an adult. He was an owner surrender. We have the lady’s name and address, but she didn’t even put his name on the paperwork when she dumped him.

Bent takes forevvvvvvvver and a half to pee. He’s afraid of pretty much everything, hates riding in the car, does not like the beach, puzzles or training. He’s not much of a go-getter but he’s a sweetheart, everyone always falls instantly in love with Mr. B.

I’m going to visit him on Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Mr. B

  1. Aww, furbaby twins! Bentley DOES look like Gracie, how funny!

    I’m glad you and your roommate have smoothed things over enough that you can go visit the doggies and kitties!

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