It’s heART therapy

Today was Zentangle again!! AND! Almost twice as many people came!!! It is so awesome! This time, dudes could tangle too! And several did, which was cool. We met a woman with pancreatic cancer. She was so articulate and confident while sharing her experience. She has become a spokeswoman, advocate and is currently finishing up a book chronicling her cancer journey.

Jordan- one of the organizers, a girl, not my Jordan, or Baby Jordan, made TONS of cookies. I don’t think I’ve spent time with anyone else named Jordan in the past 14 years. I introduced her to the guy who sat down beside me, and repeated myself a few times. “Jordan made the cookies. This is Jordan. Jordan, this is some guy, he likes movies. Jordan brought the cookies.” It was weird, not bad, just new.

I didn’t eat any cookies. But I brought grapes.


And ate them!

I went to dinner with the organizers. They finished up the business cards they ordered for the zentangle group and ordered them.

Oh. We didn’t just go to dinner

It was sushi.

That’s right. This girl ate new food. On a shared plate. In public. With a girl I hardly know. Using chopsticks! And did not freak out!!!!

Not only that, I liked it! Had fun! AND did no bad things!!! I went home really freaking happy.


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