The cereal saga continues…


Next time I decide to make a major change… I need to consult my body first. Because, apparently, it was quite content being gluten free.

This morning, I woke up and got the cereal! I was freaking stoked. I also grabbed some of my beloved Green Machine… Sweet green happiness in a bottle!!!! I was so excited to try the peanut butter toast crunch that I didn’t even wait! I ate it dry in the car while driving home…
1) it wasn’t even yummy. It tasted sugary and fake and toxic and gross
2) almost immediately after consuming, I had to pull over and vomit. Then spent the greater part of this afternoon quite ill.

I tried a bowl with almond milk too. Just because I really wanted the stinkin cereal. Which I also, promptly threw up.

The green machine stayed, but it made me kinda queasy.

I never ever EVER drink soda. Ever! But decided to pick up some ginger ale which indeed worked to settle my stomach.

I was also subjected to the vicious return of MV, who had been remarkably quiet for all of last week. With my skinny jeans falling off, and BMI at 18.6, I just KNEW that I was fat and useless.

So. What changed? Just the gluten… We won’t be doing that again. But, because I have such severe issues with food anyway, I’m going to see how well I can handle being loosely GF, much like I am vegan-ish.

Tonight, I made brownies. I replaced the flour with ground lentils and the egg with black beans, for a delicious, chocolatey, protein packed dessert. They have regular yogurt, just because that’s what I had, but that could be easily vaganized with soy or coconut yogurt.


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