Just walk in…

Kate class!!!

Oh my gosh!!! The temperature was soooooo perfect! The people in the room were perfect! I love yoga!!

Between my hips, and moving and craziness at work, I only practiced 14 times last month. They were all painful, dizzy, skip sets, why the hell am I here, classes. But tonight was simply blissful!

Kate said “if you want to change something, just walk in. Don’t think about it. Don’t wish for it. Don’t watch and envy others who have it. Don’t worry about the past, or what brought you to this moment. Just walk in, practice, be kind to yourself, accept where you are and practice.”

So I practiced with love. I had horrible standing head to knee, but I laughed instead of getting hung up on it, and had nice standing bows- I held all four for all/most of the dialogue. Standing separate leg head to floor worked, I so struggle with the balance in that one for some reason, but I went in extremely slow, started with my elbows mostly back, worked my head down, then was able to get my elbows to my shins without falling. It was nice. Triangle was like 17 minutes I think. Separate leg head to knee was significantly less painful that it has been… But my left hip/SI is starting to hurt a tiny bit like my right one did for all that time.

Floor series was nice. I have ribs out, laying there forever hurts a little. Nothing major. Just annoying.

The guy beside me was mega focused and serious. I’d never practiced with him before… But think he’s from another local studio, and I think I might be Facebook friends with him. Anyway. He added an interesting element, lots of depth and intensity. He was stressing me out a little at first, but by the end, I decided I rather enjoyed the experience.

It was a perfectly Bikram practice.

I was exhausted when I got home. I could have gone straight to bed. But the only way to change is just walk in. So I took the time to make dinner first. I’m kind of proud of myself for this.

Now I’m full and sleepy. Sweet dreams.


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