More good yoga!!!

Tonight was filled with more good yoga! I’m so happy to FINALLY be returning to that place of yoga bliss, where nothing matters and just thrilled to be in the hot room. I was really starting to think I’d NEVER get back to doing every set during class. But that has magically resolved this week!

I’m SORE! Holy cow! It’s the good kind, with nice tired, happy muscles! I’m pretty sure I can see them growing under my skin, too. It’s pretty cool! I’ve been making an active, conscious effort to eat more protein (not just protein powder!), which seems to be going well for my practice. I’m really happy.

Of course, it’s also 2am, and I just got out of bed to plank and push up and handstand. I feel ok, but that is kind of disordered. Maybe I’m just excited about the return of happy yoga… Who knows… *shrug*


2 thoughts on “More good yoga!!!

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of bed at 2am to do handstand. Nope. Don’t think I have. But I can see it. Sure. Why not. Rock on, teenie yogini.

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