Pet peeve

My office has one bathroom… Well, one each, men and women. Both have the kind of doors that can only be locked from the inside. So you can’t lock and pull shut as you’re walking out, and there are no keys.

Therefore, if the door is locked, it can only mean 1 of two things. Either we have ghosts, or someone is in there.

WHY KNOCK?!?!?!?

And what, exactly is protocol for an appropriate response???

* “Who’s there?” ? Um, no. Are we telling jokes, or taking care of business here? And why should I care who it is? We are all adults. We all know someone’s gonna use it when we’re done, it’s not like I’d forget to flush for X person, but roll out the red carpet for Z person.

* “come in”? GROSS! No way!

* Provide a status update? “Bladder half emptied. Please stand by.” Well, that’s kinda personal, don’tcha think???

* “occupied” well obviously. This door didn’t lock itself, and ghosts definitely aren’t real.

* {silent treatment} … Maybe we do have ghosts??? WHO YA GONNA CALL???

If you are a door knocker, please, enlighten me. What is your objective?


4 thoughts on “Pet peeve

  1. I can only assume the knock can be translated as, “I am more important than you, this knock is to let you know I am HERE and I must use the restroom so HURRY UP. Thanks.”

  2. Haha this is so true! I always find myself awkwardly shouting out, “ME!!!” whenever someone knocks on the bathroom door–I guess it’s just the first word that comes to mind that’s quick and gets the point across, but if you stop to think about it at all it just kinda…gets weird…what IS the appropriate response here?

  3. haha!
    Actually, we have an awesome system in Taiwan.
    It’s common etiquette to knock on the door, not just push to check if no one’s in, just in case the door accidentally pushes open on the person inside (faulty lock or something). So, EVERYONE knocks before entering (mostly everyone anyway) and then, if someone is inside, you’re supposed to knock back, which means, “there’s people inside, no ghosts, don’t come in!”

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