Cause/Effect 5/14/13

I had a handful of strawberries when I woke up at 5, and a banana as I was walking out the door at 7 this morning.

Today’s yoga was a poop fest. I was dizzy, extremely nauseous, and not very strong. I couldn’t line up my standing bows, skipped the second set of triangle and faked most of the floor series. I knew about 6 into pranayama that I was going to puke after class and that I wasn’t having dinner tonight… No barfing, because I had nothing there. But I definitely came home and went right to bed. My dog is about to go sleep in puppy jail because she can’t keep her big tongue out of my ears.

My left hip still hurts. I’ve mentioned to Dr. J the past 2 or 3 visits, she says it’s not out. But I’m quite sure it is- I’m having the exact same issues I was while the right one was out. She’s out of town this week. I’m not seeing her until the 20th! Yikes! This weekend should be interesting.


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