Tough tangle

I had to dedicate my tile. It’s taken 6 weeks. I love words… But I didn’t know how to say what I wanted.


Over the past few months, my mom has talked a lot about Jordan, and how it changed and defined all if us. We couldn’t go back, we would never be the same.

A few years ago, a little, local girl was abducted and murdered. I knew her family. I helped look for her. I was standing in her driveway, and could hear hear mother screaming the night we knew for sure she wasn’t coming home. I watched her mom, siblings, their friends the community at large. I saw us, in them at every moment.

I see that in everyone.

We all have moments that re-write our perspective.

We can respond in different ways.

I love you all

Is the last thing Jordan said.

My wish for every survivor is to continue with love
Share your own love.
Accept love from others.
Heal. Seal your wounds with love instead of hatred.
Grow, evolve, move forward with love.

That is, essentially, the difference between being a survivor and being a victim, maybe.

So within the confines of the space provided, I simply offer the wisdom of a little boy from the moment that changed me forever.

I love you all


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