Safe at work…

I woke up this morning still deep in the throes of a massive anorexic meltdown. But did manage to figure out why.

For anyone who was skeptical that a chiropractor could cure an eating disorder… Do you believe me now? Dr. J was out if town so I didn’t see her this week, and poof, suddenly, I’m exactly where I was before I met her!

I had an EXTREMELY short list of things to pick up- 3 jars, miracle noodles, Teese and grapefruits… Guess who cried in Whole Foods today??

I swung by the office, because I needed to check my work e-mail, then ended up staying. I decided that was probably the safest place for me to end up, while freaking out. I was busy, engaged, and easily fell into my usual routine. Structure is good. Diversion is good. I got A LOT done and was too focused on working to antagonize myself.

After work, I took Avery for a play date with the other 3 dogs. She was soooooo happy to see them. I was too! I smooshed and loved on my cats while the dogs played. Avery and I are spending next weekend down at my mom’s (can’t wait to take class at my home studio!). Then, on our way back home, we are going to stop in the village to pick up Chippy!!!!


He isn’t doing well at all, and she isn’t taking very good care of him or remembering to pick his nose. He was choking and almost stopped breathing while I was there tonight. We are going to see if he does better away from the other critters and with more attention. But it’s just a trial and if he’s still shooting projectile blood boogers all over the place he has to go back, because NOTHING removes blood booger. We scrubbed all the way down to the drywall at the other house and STILL the boogers stayed!!!

But if it helps him, and he gets better, then he’ll stay and after a month, we will go pick up Sam-the-cat. I’m a little overwhelmed thinking of taking care of all four of us! But I’m trying hard not to worry yet.


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