Ready for a better week!

Last week was horrible.
I read somewhere about “doing the next best thing”, which I took to mean, not so much opting for second best, but focusing forward and looking for the next opportunity to make the very best choice.

I didn’t plan anything on Friday. I tried, but couldn’t.

I didn’t shop on Saturday. I tried, but ended up crying in Whole Foods.

I told myself I’d do everything Monday after seeing Dr. J, and getting the notes from last week, and practicing. Of course, we all know that’s absurd. I can barely even be convinced to feed myself a pre-made jar when I get home at night, much less plan, shop and prepare something. So, really, I had pretty much already decided not to eat anything all week. MV was simply giddy, about this!


At 5:00…

My e-mail buzzed, and the notes came! I read through it, got to the bottom and… Had to SIGN it! It’s, like, a contract! Whoa! That’s some serious business!

Well, since I no longer had a good excuse not to, I crammed my entire weekend routine into one evening! It took me 2 hours to read everything and plan, 2 hours to shop and I spent 3 hours cooking.



I really like the way the wording came out for #2, on the short term list. All this time, and no one has actually suggested that. It’s all very militant. I eat because there are rules, and I have to. It’s easiest while highly distracted. At home, I watch videos on YouTube. At work, I eat at my desk, instead of during my breaks. I never look. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to make it more positive.

There were a lot of scary things on the list, like crackers, butter, cheese/vegan cheese, yogurt, granola, bread and tempeh. I keep earth balance and vegan cheese at the house, and will use yogurt for stuff, but I never just EAT any of those things.

I had already agreed to try the tempeh, but it ended up becoming more complicated than I expected. I couldn’t figure out what to do with it! After hours and hours and hours on Pinterest, I decided tempeh is for, like, advanced eaters. Everything I found was complex, involved a lot of flavors and textures, or was BBQ, which I loathe. I am more of a novice eater and needed a simple, easy, isolated, introduction to tempeh. Finally, I got smart and googled “tempeh for toddlers” BINGO. Make cubes and brown in olive oil, season with salt and pepper. That. I can totally handle!

At the store, I decided bread and granola could wait for a while. I am trying enough new things and those are both really hard.

When I got home,

ready to go

I made the tempeh first, to get the hardest out of the way first. I used coconut oil instead of olive oil, because it’s fun to cook with, it heats up different than olive oil… Idk, some nerd probably has a nice science-y explanation somewhere out there in cyber space. I just go with what works. I tasted the finished tempeh and liked it. 🙂 I divided it into four 4oz jars to be snacks.


I also made

Avocado poppers
I cut half an avocado into cubes, dunked them in almond milk, then rolled them in some “bread crumbs” (lentil chips that I had run through the coffee grinder), squirted with lemon juice and baked in the oven.

Overnight Oatmeal

Stuffed peppers with lentils and black beans instead of polenta, because I agreed to try eating more protein.

More lentil brownies, this time I used dates, less sugar and a different kind of yogurt. The batter ended up extremely thick and cooked up more like lentil cake than lentil fudgey brownie . It’s not bad.

Then, I was tired, so I didn’t make any more dinners, but I don’t really mind doing that during the week. I’m just not a morning person and don’t like to have to think when I wake up. Making snacks is new, and requires lots of thought, so the more planned, the better.

I’m excited to try some new things, and work on improving my yoga through better fuel this week!


2 thoughts on “Ready for a better week!

  1. Sounds awesome! Fats have different “smoke points”, temps at which they work well versus burn. Olive oil has a lower smoke point, sometimes making it tougher to cook certain thing with, while butter has a higher smoke point, making it better for certain foods. Lots of people combine them while cooking, to maximize taste and healthy qualities. How’s that for a science nerd answer, lol? Mangia Bene!

  2. Well, you can cook more complicated than I can.

    (lentil brownies???)

    Hey… For #2 on the list, how about candlelight dinner with soft music and fancy presentation of the food – take your relationship to a new level?

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