Hey! What happened!?

I did good. I followed rules. I are plenty. I hydrated. Why was my yoga poop-a-riffic?!?!

When I woke up, I cut a strawberry in half, almost to the point, and filled the middle with peanut butter for the cutest little heart shaped sandwich. Ack! Stop it! Grab ahold of your rolling eyeballs and hit the breaks! I know what you’re thinking, “ONE strawberry, Teenie! C’mon!” Just hear me out! These are like mutant 10-bite strawberries! LOOK!


At work, I had Summer Porridge for breakfast.

At noon, I had 8 raw cashews (fat) that I toasted this morning, and a jar of the tempeh cubes (complex…?). I filled my water bottle 4 times during the day.

I got to the studio early, had plenty of time to warm up, wallwalked to my hearts content, everything was super open and flexible, the heat was perfect, humidity exactly right, I was nice and sweaty before class even started… It should have been AMAZING!

But it SO wasn’t! I felt weak, shaky, unstrong, and a bit off balance. I did every set, but had to work hard to stay in control and manage my breathing. I feel exhausted, not energized right now. My shoulders feel kind of loose… Idk how to describe it exactly, but it’s not like open/flexible, just loose and tired. My alignment looked weird too, the point if my left collar bone was a good inch and a half higher than my right one, and my right ribs tucked in on the bottom while the left ones stuck out.

The teacher was sweet, and skilled and experienced, but newish to me. I’ve only taken her class once or twice before. Her timing was unique. Not like good or bad or right or wrong… Just her own flavor of 26 & 2. My floor bows are still right on the brink of a major breakthrough. Every single teacher has said something and I can so feel it! I can easily see my right toes, but not the left ones. When I sneak a look in the mirror on the way down, my right arm is relaxed doing the proper suspension bridge thing, while my left one is an kind of an awkward angle and more tense. I’m guessing this has something to do with the way my wrist and elbow lock and get stuck on that side, just like they were doing in standing bow.

Right now, I’m sitting in the lot at work. I really need to go back in. But I am just so pooped!

What did I do wrong!? Why wasn’t that yoga excellent!? What did I feed it wrong??

Floor Bow


Your hands are just like hooks, they only hold the feet, and the arms work like a suspension bridge to pull the torso up, no muscles engaged, really.

Then! You have to move in 3 directions at once. They all keep telling me the same thing;
– kick straight UP
– roll FORWARD so all of the pressure is balanced on the lowest two ribs.
– look BACK, try to set your head on your butt.

THEN! Oh yeah, knees are supposed to stay six inches apart.


7 thoughts on “Hey! What happened!?

  1. great job today! I’m sure with this kind of routine your yoga will go back to happy-fun-time-yoga in no time, and then your floor bows (whatever that is, because I am a yoga-idiot and have never even seen it, let alone done it) will magically happen! ^_^

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