Progress… I think

Last night, after practice, I went back to work until midnight. I took Avery out, then immediately crashed, fully clothed, socks and glasses included, no dinner.

This morning I woke up late and HUNGRY!!! I inhaled a lentil brownie while taking care of Avery, then grabbed my clothes and got dressed in the kitchen while trying to figure out a snack. I still have 4 jars of the tempeh and had intended to bring that all week… But delicious or not, it made for crap yoga, and is therefore banned as lunch food! A lot of the suggestions on the snack list include yogurt, which isn’t really an issue. If you were to ask me “hey, do you like (vegan) yogurt?” I’d say yes… I just have a bit of a quirky relationship with the stuff. It’s not disordered, just me.

Anyway, I was tired and cranky and hungry and not in the mood to deal with yogurt this morning. So, I went for, what I had decided was the very strangest suggestion on the list… “Rice cakes, with butter AND cheese”
– 1st, any time I’ve gone so far as to eat a sawdust cake, it’s been because I was feeling excessively restrictive, so TOPPING a rice cake seemed ridiculous.
– 2nd, who butters anything? Oh my gosh, this was… Pretty much, mind blowing! Really, you mean butter is eatable? Not just used to keep things from sticking to pans, and in cooking?
– 3rd, butter AND cheese? That seems kind of gross. Like as a combination. It also seems excessive and indulgent. I mean, you’d think either ONE should be sufficient, right?

Oh well, it’s nice letting someone else be in charge, we’ve pretty well established that I can’t be trusted to make healthy choices when it comes to food. She put it on the list. And she promised to balance and maintain, not make me fat.

So, that’s exactly what I made!

It took a bit of thought to figure out how to have 3 rice cakes with one piece of cheese. This triple decker style was perfect. And fun. I broke the cheese in half.

This weird snack was also delicious. Absolutely a winner in the taste department.

AND in the yoga department!!!

I had a decent class tonight. We had a brand new to our studio teacher, and Kate was there! New teachers bring SO much to the dynamic. Fresh voice, fresh perspective, fresh chance to make an impression… I always find new teachers motivating and inspiring. It’s an exceptional opportunity to progress. When you get stuck in a rut, and everyone around you knows that you are stuck, it’s easy to set up camp and call it home, new eyes can blast you out of that comfort zone.

This girl was dynamite too! Her energy and voice were fantastic! She’s going to be a powerful addition to our teacher line up, and I’m stoked.

Between her, and practicing beside Kate, I was definitely in the mind set to PUSH my limits. It was great! I was dripping before class even started! I was shaky still, and could use more strength (always). My shoulders were sore, but that’s ok. All in all, I don’t have much to whine about today!

Floor bow, is seriously happening. I think I got closer to moving the right parts in the right directions tonight. I reached a point where I was kicking, and suddenly felt different, the dynamic of the posture changed a little bit. I saw both toes. My legs are still too far apart, and my left arm is still kind of weird, but this is all extremely exciting! Kind of like when my standing head to knee just BAM appeared out of no where a few months ago.

I’m sore, and tired, and satisfied. There was nothing wrong with today. But I can see about a million ways to improve still.


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