Made of lead

I feel like a ton.
This is not disordered.
I do not feel fat.
I feel heavy.
Tonight I had a gap in half-moon for the first time ever in my life. You know, the part about shoulders, arms, and ears being all together… So didn’t happen for me.

Actually, while we are on half-moon, I am seeking some friendly advice from some yoga peeps. My hands to feet is newly locked out, real solid, no shaking or straining, I’m working my elbows back… It’s exciting, I’ve always had right hamstrings and never ever ever thought this would happen! But, as per my usual, it just showed up all by itself one day!

Anyway. My problem:
By the first set of hands to feel, I’m already soaked, so when I put my face on my shins, I I run into a bit of a sweat and eyeball issue. Dialogue says “eyes are open” but they get so filled up with burning salty sweat and it hurts. When I close them, occasionally I lose my balance, but I just feel insanely guilty for not following directions. Then there’s the whole problem of coming out. I’m well conditioned to be still between postures, and genuinely use those few seconds to calm and regroup. I can ignored most itches, fidgets and drips, but when I come out of hands to feet I NEEEEED to wipe my burning eyes! They are always bright red!

How do you manage this posture? I’m dying to know!

Today I had a lentil brownie at home. I brought a green smoothie to work in a mason jar, not a gel cup.

This made for some REALLY interesting discussions with my co-workers. Apparently kiwi, strawberry, kale, chia, pb2, and chocolate almond milk doesn’t sound very appealing to most people. But that’s ok, McDonalds doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

I made the same snack as yesterday and still loved it!

My yoga was trying. I’m exhausted. The energy in the room was weird, everyone around me was squirmy, distracted and distracting. It seemed like there was a great deal of body discontentment in the room, lots of mean faces, side mirror checking, and fat poking was taking place all over the room. It was weird, I am totally guilty of doing the same thing., but it wasn’t me this time. I just wanted to hug them all and say “stop it. You’re fine. Just let it go, and practice.”

I had a hard time with class, extremely un-strong, sore, tight, and tired. But I was too beat to argue with myself and was quite pleased with the 3rd part of locust, and, of course, floor bow. It gets closer every time!


3 thoughts on “Made of lead

  1. I have the same problem! Some days it doesn’t sting as badly, I figure it has to do with what’s in my sweat (GROSS). I have no advice on not having that problem…. I also have a sweat up the nose issue when I’m in a deep forward bend. Makes me feel like I’m drowning! Any suggestions?

  2. Do you use moisturizer/sunscreen/makeup on your face? That could be the problem. Either way though, I would try washing my face with lots of water before class. Or Cetaphil cleanser?

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