Totally worth it!!!

Getting out of bed to fix dinner in the middle of the night was 100% worth the effort!!!!

I woke without the soreness and heavy lead feeling that’d plagued the previous day. My mind was groggy though. I did not want to go to work!!!

I had cereal (chex) with pb2 and chocolate almond milk (because I live alone and I can. Don’t judge).

It HURT! I’m not sure what all was going on. But after eating, I was in PAIN! My stomach hurt? My ribs maybe? I never came up with good words. I was just miserable! I’d packed yogurt and an apple for snack/lunch, but since I was already feeling crappy, I went home for rice cakes and grapes.


I had a hard time eating it. But did. I seriously love this not being in charge thing. I just follow directions. I ate the food.

At some point, I figured out my water intake had been low for the day and put away 1000cc pretty fast. All pain was immediately resolved!

My yoga was FANTASTIC! Happy, focused, strong, quiet, and well organized. My shoulder popped out during Cobra and I finished class with an entirely different kind of noodle arm! It was very weird.

After class, I got my shoulder sorted out, showered, put jammies on… And I’m back at work 😦

(I totally don’t feel bad about working in my jammies, either)
I can’t wait for things to slow down after next week. We’ve been slammed with back to back projects for months.


5 thoughts on “Totally worth it!!!

      • It has been a big help. I make rules and do things that in my mind are “healthy” but are actually quite destructive. It is a lot easier to make positive changes when they are directed by one qualified and educated individual. There is SO much information on the Internet, soooo many studies, sooooo much contradicting “advice” that it all becomes overwhelming and I would simply shut down and stop trying. I gained enough weight but wasn’t actually making progress. Since I started working with her; I eat on a (mostly) normal schedule, I eat more of a variety, my body has gotten stronger, my yoga is improving, my joints have stopped popping out all the time, and I’m happier and more relaxed. She offers text/e-mail support between sessions, reads my blog, helps when I flip out about ridiculous stuff, encourages me to try things I’m afraid of, and is respectful and understanding of my limits and the control that the Mean Voice (MV) has over my ability to think logically. I intentionally sought out a registered dietitian who did NOT specialize in anorexia, because I wanted the emphasis to be on long term health and balance. Not just getting normal. We have both challenged and inspired each other and it’s been an extremely positive relationship for both of us. I would definitely recommend it if you can. I am determined to change my life, extremely willing to comply with her guidance, and verrrry honest- I tell on myself when I mess up and I speak up if something is too hard. The journey to health isn’t an all or nothing kind of deal. She’s trained to provide stepping stepping stones, but they only work if you are honest about where to put them.

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