Getting ready for the week

I’m working on the whole food thing. I’ve shared the goals created with the RD, and often discuss my jars. But I’ve never really shared an entire week’s food plan or anything about the process and how it comes together.

I am changing that right now. I think it will help my with accountability, serve as a valuable reference/benchmark in the future, and maybe, hopefully support, help and inspire others with food problems.

My jar system is no doubt a work in progress right now, but its fun, creative, environmentally sound, and perfect for me, in this moment. I’m proud of my ingenuity, and want to document this process as it evolves.

So. Here goes!

To review- the goals set with the RD


I was also given a solid list of snack/lunch ideas- many of which contained some element of fear foods to varying degrees.
• bread- this is a huge one, due to carbs, calories, processed-ness
• granola- close second to bread, due to calories, fat and sugar. It’s also crunchy, and supposed to go in yogurt, thus becoming a mixed texture which is my #1 ultimate food objection.
• musli- I don’t like it because I don’t know what it is
• trail mix- calories, sugar, crunchy, and unsorted!
• hummus- I actually love hummus… Just not the American, grocery store kind. Israeli hummus is amazing though. I’m pretty sure that had I gotten scraped while in Israel I’d have bled chickpeas.
• hot chocolate and toast- because it’s a weird combination, bread, and it is 100 degrees outside right now.
rice cakes with vegan butter AND vegan cheese– never mind. This my new favorite food.
* yogurt- my issue with yogurt is not eating disorder derived, it comes from something silly that my dad said to me when I was little. I like yogurt, but can’t consistently eat it.

Last week I took on the rice cakes with butter and cheese. I ate brought yogurt to work. And ate yogurt at home.

This week, I am going to work on hummus. I spent several hours reading reviews from Israelis, of hummus recipes made with readily available American ingredients, and found one that’s supposed to be as close as possible to the real thing. If that’s true, I will be over the moon!

For breakfasts:
• continue with the cold oatmeal, with a side note to prepare more jars at a time, because no matter how much I promise myself I will I do not make jars mid-week.
• lentil brownies- I start with this recipe then:
– vegan-ize with coconut yogurt, almond milk, and half a can of rinsed black beans for the egg
– replace the oats with lentil flour (just run dried lentils through your coffee grinder)
– use 1/2 cup dates and 1/2 cup organic certified non-GMO sugar, instead of the white sugar
– I don’t use peanut butter, just because I don’t have a way to melt it.
– this week I plan to add some unsweetened coconut flakes to the batter, and maybe some chopped nuts.
tempeh cakes with pumpkin and maple- this is an idea inside my head at the moment. I’ll let you know how it works out

For lunch/snack:
• hummus with veggie sticks- these will be sweet peppers and celery. I don’t eat raw carrots.
• vegan rice cake triple stack- my new love
almonds and grapes

For dinners:
Last week I did horrible in the dinner department and my yoga suffered immensely.
• lentil stuffed pepper- 1 jar left from this week
• chili- based loosely on this, using lentils, quinoa, and remaining black beans after making the brownies. Plus adding way more vegetables.
Peanut Butter “pasta”- but on tempeh, and no broccoli because I hate it. But I’ll add other veggies… Whatever is around.

I am working on improving protein intake using tempeh, nuts/seeds, peanut butter, quinoa and almond butter. I italicized those items in my weekly plan. I’m not too sure about seeds…

P.S- I personally think lentils will be the next big superfood rage. They are ridiculously cheap, have virtually no taste which makes them quite diverse, and they blow quinoa out of the water in the protein department.

I’ve got one more amazing thing in the works for next week, but you’re gonna have to wait! 😉


5 thoughts on “Getting ready for the week

  1. yeah, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t use more lentils! Even if I have issues with them and don’t currently eat them, when I DID I thought they were great!

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