Buzzed and bendy


You read that right.

She’s drunk.


She had pizza- the regular kind, stuffed mushrooms, cheese, pasta, mashed potatoes, dinner roll, macaroni and cheese, cake, sweet tea, and tons more wine.

She gonna wake up sicky.


8 thoughts on “Buzzed and bendy

  1. Huh??? Was this a dream, or did this really happen to you? And, if it really happened, what did you do about it? Puke? Or, did you sit with it?

    BTW, hiw is the puking water at the end of class thing going?

    Sounds like you are making such great strides in so many areas, Teenie. Keep hanging in there.

    • It was real.
      And I really didn’t purge.

      I had gone home for the day, and my brother said the most appalling and offensive thing I have e we heard any human say, ever! My mother poured the first glass of wine right after that at about 2. Then, we went to a wedding and she kept bringing more. About the time I decided to barf, she decided we were BFFs. She made me sleep in her bedroom and got up every time I had to pee or get water… So she made it impossible.

      No barfing after yoga. I’ve been taking class Mary Jarvis style- without water so I can’t.

      Who are you?

      • So awesome, Teenie! πŸ™‚ I really mean that. Although I’m sure it felt “bad,” you didn’t punish yourself over it, but rather took care of yourself by accepting your mom’s help (’cause, I’m sure you COULD HAVE found a way, but you didn’t!). And so cool you found a solution to the water thing. See, you really are making great progress! πŸ™‚

        A fellow Bikram-ite, in recovery.

      • How long in recovery?
        How long doing Bikram?
        No offense or anything… But you can be kinda abrasive. I have deleted most of your comments…

  2. Recovery from AN this time for 3 years. prior to that ai had been in recovery for 9 and relapsed . . .

    Today was Bikram class number 266 since I started 269 days ago.

    As far as I recall, I’ve only commented on one prior post to this one — the I Do Bad Things post — asking if you had located the trigger to the urge to do your thing with water at the end of class. Sorry if that came across abravisly.

    Take gentle care, Teenie.

    • Holy crap! 266 classes in 269 days! That’s incredible!!!!! Go you!!!
      I just went back and checked, the other 4 comments that I deleted were from somewhere else, same letters though. Sorry. πŸ™‚

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