I <3 yoga

Did I eat today? I think so.
Water? Definitely not enough
Was my job fulfilling and enjoyable? Doubt it…

But who really cares!?

I love yoga!

It was hot

Kate was teaching.

I love her. She is intense, fierce, and has so much experience looking at bodies and knowing just how hard she can push. It’s impossible to take her class without improving.

She was NOT impressed by the Lizzy Committee, however! My yoga buddies and I do this tongue thing, whenever class starts getting too intense. If we notice each other struggling, or self mean muggin’ in the mirror, we catch eyes, make a face and stick out out tongues. It’s almost always enough to snap out of whatever internal roadblock has us snared up. It’s only yoga, right? Gotta keep things in perspective!

Anyhow, Kate caught one of these Lizzy Committee exchanges, and said something about it. After class, we explained what we were doing, and that the face wasn’t directed at her. The best part was… As soon as we finished telling her about it another Lizzy Committee yoga buddy walked in to take the next class, and immediately, without knowing, walked in an stuck her tongue out at us!!!!

I had some major Fat Yoga. But I told MV to shove it and quit being distracting. I got a smile after coming out of standing head to knee with control for the second time ever! I got a “very nice” during standing bow- radical change from “where’s your head!?” And/or “fix those crazy fingers!” (Usually both) I can’t wait to tell Dr. J! Floor bow got a wink and a nod… Since she didn’t explain to me yet again how to move in 3 different directions simultaneously, I took that to mean all body parts were properly aimed and the only thing left to do is let it come together.

Last night I made the most amazing chili!!! Remember, how when I planed for the week, I put down “single serving chili recipe”? Well…. Um, it didn’t have enough veggies for my liking. By the time I added fresh jalapeños, chili peppers, tomatoes, celery, carrots, squash, zucchini, onions, shallots, lentils, black beans, and quinoa, it became chili for 20!


Of course, I masonized it.


Today, during practice, my sweat felt like setting fire to every tiny scrape and paper cut it on my body!!!!

The consensus from the people around me, is that I’m awesome, and doing much better… But shouldn’t still be quite so terrified of pasta and whatnot. So we hatched a plan!!!!

I’m gonna go visit Super Cuz. She’s gonna be the boss, and swears that she’ll be able to hold her own against whatever kind of psychotic freakout MV throws her way. She’s pretty badass… If anyone can do that, It’s my cousin. I think it’s pretty comical that we are planning a trip to see someone I adore with the intent of INTENTIONALLY fighting! No idea when… EITF. I just thing is wonderful and funny.

Also, I want garlic bread… I’ll figure out how to do that within my rules. It’s gonna be epic. Stay tuned.


7 thoughts on “I <3 yoga

  1. I’m happy things are going quite well : ) and good luck visiting your super cuz! I’m sure it’ll be epic.
    I’m waiting in anticipation for your garlic bread ^_^ haha

  2. Love this post! Glad you found something you absolutely love! I’m hoping to take my first bikram class soon and I’m SO pumped (and sooo nervous!) for it! Do you recommend going with someone else or is it cool to go it solo? I thought moral support might help, but I’m not sure if I’d prefer to do this on my own. Any thoughts would be great!

    • I took my first Bikram class almost 16 years ago. I was at a sailing camp for kids and our coach brought the entire team. After that, I practiced with my sister for years. Bikram yoga, it’s extremely personal, sometimes friends can be distracting. Sometimes they help. If you do take a friend, I’d try to find one you wouldn’t feel like you had to look after, or who would be overly concerned about you. Also, if you are both new, try to be polite. It’s ok to sit, feel overwhelmed, shocked, and think things are weird. But don’t point, snicker or roll your eyes.

      Mostly, just have fun. I love Bikram yoga more than anything.

  3. Chili looks epic! Totally craving that right now! And garlic bread…and mason jars (for storing, not for eating)…why are you so full of the best culinary ideas this week?? 😉
    I have been getting into yoga lately as well…it is sort of an unskillful pursuit, at the moment, and I am just using some DVDs rather than taking classes (sorry if this offends any yogic purists…classes are not feasible!!). But it’s really feeling good–I had no idea how much tension I was storing everywhere, especially in my shoulders! (Thanks, hours of desk-work every day…) I hope I can eventually take it to the next level and sign up for some classes! I definitely want to practice more over the summer…so I can be all like the epic yoginis and such…you’re really an inspiration to me in that regard! 🙂

    • I started yoga in middle school! You don’t need classes, just keep at it.

      Guess what. You finish school, get a real job, then still spend hours and hours at a desk!!! It’s good you are figuring out shoulder tension already!!!

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