I like it hot and giggly

Today was all about malfunction (right up till yoga time anyway).

Avery and I woke up early and had lots of time to play which was nice. I made a great green smoothie, collected my jars and was totally psyched for an awesome day.

Kiwi, banana, mango, coconut, spinach, kale and hemp seed smoothie… YUM! Hummus with celery for snack, and I usually get sushi after the chiropractor too. It was the makings for totally perfect yoga!

Except… I got to work, stuck my smoothie in the freezer for a minute, since the ninja tends to make it kinda warm and I no longer use gel cups! I checked my e-mail and took care of a few things, then went back to retrieve my breakfast… And immediately came completely undone.

I know that I don’t get hungry. I know that hungry or not, I eat on the schedule. I know what to do when that is difficult. I took a break then tried again, I tried eating something different, wallwalking, inverting, hiding in the bathroom, sitting by the lake. I gave a solid effort, but simply could not get the job done this morning.

Normal people skip breakfast sometimes, right? Normal is the goal, right? Maybe it’s ok, just this once, right??? Even if it’s not… Too late. *shrug*

I left work to go get adjusted. Turns out, I did a pretty impressive job on hip. She was like “Dang, girl! I bet that hurts!” Um, ya. You could say that. My c2 held though, and it was 10 days instead of 7! My knees, and shoulders were ok. My ribs, wrists and elbows were out, but not nearly as much as as usual and went right back in. She asked if I wanted to try for 14 days, but I said I was too scared.

During the meeting with the dietitian, we discussed my excessively loose joints and she suggested that better nutrition could lead to improved functioning. I thought that was kind of nuts, my joints just pop out, that’s the way I am. Lo and behold, leave her in charge for 10 days and suddenly Dr. J has nothing to rearrange.

Since deferring all food related decision making has obviously been a monumental success… I decided to do something really brave!

Alvarado Street bread, vegan cheese and tomato.

I don’t know it it was MV, or eating something new, or what… But it took every little bitty drop of self control and determination not to vomit. I held on to my desk and did not let go. As long as I was connected I couldn’t accidentally run to the bathroom.

Yoga was amazing though. Once again, I opened up my big mouth before thinking, and told one of my studio lizards “oh. I have a food/yoga blog.” Whoops, it’s also where I channel all my crazy and store my secrets. She was really nice about it though. So, welcome Lizard.

It really doesn’t get any more yoga-riffic than tonight. The Lizard and I set up in our favorite corner, warmed up, discussed boogers, kitties and lamented the podium’s lack of tissues. She said she’d be counting on the Lizzy Committee to make it through class. No problemo chica! We swapped tongue faces in Eagle. She said “I hate you right now” coming out of standing head to knee, I giggled. We fell out of standing bow together and cracked up. The guy beside us cracked up. The teacher cracked up. She said its good when you can laugh at yourself. Then the guy started belching (I couldn’t hear him, Lizard told me after class) and the teacher said “whatever you ate, don’t tomorrow.”

Hi folks, meet your front row, two laughing lizards and Mr. Burpy.

It’s been farrrrr too long since I’ve had silly yoga. Tonight was perfect.

Now it’s time to plan jars! What should we eat this week, folks??


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