Hilarious Yoga

The teacher tonight has practiced at my home studio. It’s almost as good as practicing at home. She at least “gets” where my practice comes from.

… Or so I thought…

Ok. Bikram Peeps- especially if you’ve been practicing a long time, I *swear* there is dialogue between sets in the floor (not spine strengthening part) series “touch your toes and lay down one vertebrae at a time.” I’ve been doing this yoga since I was 12, some things are REALLY well conditioned! Even after she called me out… I couldn’t stop (dude! Hold up! Majorly compulsive? Me? Nooooo! @@)! How else is one supposed to lay down nice and straight? Funny thing, Lizard said she wondered why I did that, then other people too… Really y’all? Practice like you’re the only person in the room, I have no clue what your weird habits are!

Anyway, I told her I learned at home and had always done that. She was like “they never do that at home!” YES. THEY. DO! I said I’ve done it that way since I was 12… Her answer “I just broke my elbow 3 years ago. Dude. Time to move on! You are healed!”

I have other quirks. I always turn to the left after first set sit up, and turn to the right after second set sit up. I go into fixed firm right-elbow-then-left-elbow first set, but left-elbow-then-right-elbow second set. In the standing series, I always face my palms towards the mirror, and I always look at myself when/if I drink. These are all things I picked up along the way.

The Lizard kept making me laugh- there is nothing wrong with cracking up in yoga! And the teacher said she’d separate us. No one has said that to me since the last time I bit my sister during class (she pinched me first). I didn’t bite Lizard, don’t worry!

It was a good class. Not that hard… She called me Gumby and everyone laughed a lot.

When I got home I jumped on the trampoline, planked and handstand push-ups OFF the wall! I did 8! Then Avery stuck her tongue up my nose and I fell on her!! (In Feb, I couldn’t even do a handstand on the wall)

Summer porridge for breakfast. Oh! I tried a graham cracker for the first time ever too! Those are REALLY tasty! I wonder if they are ok to eat? I should ask!

I didn’t eat lunch.

Or dinner.

400-ish ml of water.

It’s an ok food, but awesome yoga day! I’ll take it!

Plus, weight is currently OVER the goal number, and the world is out of control. I have to regain control, so we can stay safe.


3 thoughts on “Hilarious Yoga

  1. I alternate to which side I turn after situps, too! But I also change it every day. Yesterday, I turned left first side and today I will turn right. I also alternate which thumb is on top when we cross them. Funny.

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