Conversation with a new co-worker in the break room

I was getting my “popcorn” out and she was making tea.

Girl: what’s that?
Me: it’s popcorn
Girl: in the fridge?
Me: well, it’s cauliflower
Girl: what
Me: it’s cauliflower. Chop it into little pieces and roast for an hour. Tastes just like popcorn!
Girl: why not just, you know… Eat popcorn
Me: I don’t eat popcorn!
Girl: who doesn’t eat popcorn???
Me: me! But I don’t eat lots of stuff. I’m vegan.
Girl: you don’t eat meat?
Me: no. I just eat veggies, mostly.
Girl: is that why you’re so little?

I guess I’m still a food freak… *sigh*


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