NO lizards in the hot room!

I take the late class on Thursdays. The Lizards always take the early one. So it was just me and the mirror, sans Lizzy Committee.

It was an awesome mix of bendies in the room though. Mr. Creepy set up on the opposite side of the room… But then the mega skinny dude set himself rightontopofme! Like obscenely close. He got a nice quiet practice and stuff, but he’s crazy skinny, and really makes me uncomfortable. He’s also a sweat wiper and keeps his towel in his pocket… Which bugs the crap outta me, I don’t know why.

So. I was there. On my mat. Having a conniption about being sandwiched between Mr. Creepy and The Skinny Dude, and the mega tall girl with loooooooong perfect legs and a gorgeous practice right behind me. Then I said to myself. Hey. Wake up! What lesson has the universe sent you THREE times this week? “Let nothing steal your peace!” Practice that. Do it right now.

So I did. Inside my mind, I boarded my pink private jet and took a quick flight back to my own private yoga island.

At some point during the warm-up, the teacher said “No lizards in the hot room!” I have no idea what the context was, that’s the only part I caught, and I laughed. My body is tight, like, e v e r y w h e r e! I was sore, and cranky and almost decided not to practice… But realized my ‘tude problem was probably and indication that I needed class more than ever. So I dragged my butt into the studio.

I tried to practice honestly, accept that my body was tight and setting limits for me today. I held standing head to knee while she counted to 3, and came up head, elbows… Fall out. I was still ecstatic! That the most control I’ve had EVER! I didn’t push too hard in my bows, but they were ok. I did the first set of triangle, and stepped into the second one, and realized this is painful. This is not fun. Forcing your hips into this posture, when you know they hurt, is not yoga. Stop worrying about being a badass. Don’t think about anyone else in the room. Respect yourself enough to sit this one out. So I did.

Floor series was ok. Nothing super stellar happened… Except I think she turned the AC on right before rabbit. Everyone was really grunt-y following camel, then suddenly the room felt weird. I think that cold blow-y stuff is called air. It was odd.

After class, I was talking to another teacher, who’d just practiced with me. I love him… But our schedules never match up. I haven’t managed to take his class since probably January! While we were chatting, he was like “you have such a great practice. I love being in the room with you. Everyone else can be snorting and huffing, then all of sudden, this little giggle comes from the corner and everything seems easier.”

I don’t think I do anything that special. I just really love this yoga a lot. It’s kind of neat knowing that I’m helping my yoga friends love it too, just by being myself.

I woke up actually hungry and ate a HUGE breakfast of summer porridge, rice cakes, cereal, strawberries and “popcorn”. No lunch. No dinner. Filled my water 3 times.

It’s Thursday. I get adjusted in the morning. We’ll take it!


2 thoughts on “NO lizards in the hot room!

  1. I think I missed something… what are “lizards”?

    Also, I think I would cry if someone turned on the AC. The heat was funky today – as in, not really there – so I suggested to the teacher that she turn it off and back on again. This has worked in the past, and it worked today. I think half the class may have wanted to punch me. Oh well.

    • My yoga buddies are my lizards! We stick our tongues out at each other in the mirror if anyone starts getting too serious. We’ve been doing it for months, but just got caught last week. I’m not sure if the teacher tonight knew about our “Lizzy Committee” or just happened to say that tonight.

      I was not a fan of the whole ac thing. But as a teacher, she’s exceptionally aware of everyone in the room. I’m sure she had a good reason for doing so.

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