Getting ready for the week

Things I do to plan for the week:

This week, I decided to change it up, and do my planning resort style!


• ask myself “if I wasn’t afraid of food, and could eat anything, what would it be?” Graham Crackers and juice

• I re-read my food log entries, and my blog side-by-side for a retrospective look at what I ate and how it impacted my emotions and yoga. I was not good at recording this week, and my yoga was mediocre.

• I re-visit the snack list
Last week I KILLED in this department!
bread done! I tried at the office right after getting adjusted (which is the very best time for trying scary things) and had to work hard not to purge. I tried again at home, while more relaxed and still felt the same way. I tried a 3rd time, for breakfast, with lots of positive expectations about a normal healthy breakfast, and still felt horrible afterwards. 3 tries. Bread is off the table indefinitely.
granola– I tried it. And hate it!
musli– YUM!
– trail mix- calories, sugar, crunchy, and unsorted!
hummus– done! Made it myself, loved it
– hot chocolate and toast- because it’s STILLa weird combination, bread, and it is 100 degrees outside right now.
rice cakes with vegan butter AND vegan cheese– never mind. This my new favorite food.
yogurt– done!
Popcorn– DONE! Cauliflower popcorn = new obsession!!!
– Homemade granola bars- up until now, this has been too stressful a suggestion to entertain. I have a non-scary, granola bar recipe that you can expect to make an appearance later in the week.

• The last thing I do is check in with myself. How do I feel about the previous week’s eating? Yoga? Myself? And address any issues I’m having, before I start to plan for the week, because I like to go into the week feeling positive, excited, and motivated to make good choices and have good yoga. Last week I did not eat well, and I did not yoga well. I started keeping a star chart, with 3 empty stars on each day to color in for each meal. I only got 3 stars once. I determined that it might be the coffee, and not actually the food that makes me feel pukey after eating on the mornings. I also figured out that I really enjoy eating, but only while I’m cooking and I might do better to cook daily instead of relying on my jars so much.

My planning was much less structured!

I found dandelion greens at whole foods, which Gebi asked me to try a while ago, and bought them.

Laura had said a few weeks ago she wished I wasn’t so afraid of pasta. I eat miracle noodles… Or I fix them with veggies then feed the noodles to the dog. Eh. Whatever. I couldn’t be convinced to try regular noodles, but decided couscous wasn’t too scary.

I was really wanting salty things and juice, and muscle twitchy… In other words, I was having an electrolyte issue. So I got some coconut water and gave in to the juice compulsion



This one seemed pretty safe. There were 4 flavors. This one had the fewest ingredients and the fewest calories. Plus, I really love blood oranges.

Last night, I made a dandelion salad, with couscous and PURPLE! asparagus.


Um. Dandelion is DISGUSTING!!!! I picked all of the leaves out, and replaced them with kale… Then picked all the veggies out and gave Avery the couscous. Purple asparagus is amazing and delicious! It’s sweeter and less stringy than the green kind. Sadly, it turns green when cooked though.

If you don’t already know this about me; I never say “no” to Carmen or my mother, and this week Carmen told me I was going to try vegan ice cream.

THANK YOU CARM! I love it!!!!

Today, I made Graham Crackers veganized. And I did NOT use 5 tablespoons of butter! Can you say excessive!? I used 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, which worked fine, but they are ridiculously sweet. Next time I’d use wayyyy less sugar!

I also made soup!!


It kind of started as this but I wanted a broth soup instead of a thick one. I also didn’t want to see the parsnip, because they look like albino carrots with all the good stuff (aka color) missing. I added celery, asparagus and tons more carrots to the recipe, then boiled the parsnip, (some of the) carrots, and miso separately to purée just those then add back into the broth to make it creamy! It was brilliant and worked perfect!!!

I still have plenty more to cook and create throughout the week!


There’s more than one way to “Taste the Rainbow” that’s for sure!!!


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