Incredibly high standards

I saw the doctor to do the FMLA paperwork today.

While she was filling out the forms, she was talking, it seemed, more to herself than me. But what she said was really interesting…

(*it might help to know that she specializes in sports medicine)

She said

“I wish they’d do away with extremely high level sports for kids. You are a perfect example. Sweet, brilliant, adorable… And so overly conditioned to hold yourself to impossibly high standards that I’m sitting here filling out FMLA paperwork for a girl who has no idea how awesome she is. I guarantee this goes back to your history of Olympic level training as a child.”

I was blown away. No one has ever looked at it like that. I mean, we’ve considered the fact that my compulsiveness, and perfectionism lent well to running an Olympic campaign from middle school. Honestly, I think that foundation had been set long before I started racing. But, that’s not to say, it’s irrelevant.

I was expected to act in a way, that was probably developmentally, unreasonable. 8th graders simply do not have the maturity to conduct themselves as full time adults.

True. It could have just been me….

But I somehow doubt that.

Well… In other news:
I forgot to eat today.
Yoga was NUTS!!!! Insanely hot! I kept thinking door-love door-love door-love which never happened. I got to practice next one of the local competitors, which is always awesome!

By the end, I was BEAT!

Time for dinner, janmies, and an early night!


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