Who’s really crazy!?

I couldn’t possibly eat an ENTIRE banana. That would surely kill me.

I woke up absolutely POSITIVE of this “fact”.

Now, when facts and rules conflict, obviously, the rules have to change, because facts are facts.

And the fact of the matter is, there is absolutely no way I could possibly eat and entire banana at one time.

So. I e-mailed the dietitian, attempting to bargain- how about I still eat a snack, just make it half of a banana.

To which she replied- you’d like to add half of a banana to what you are currently eating??? SURE!

Um, no! Helloooooooo! Don’t you know that it is a FACT that I can not possibly eat an entire banana at one time!

No doubt about it. She’s nuts.

I was all fired up and ready to argue.
But my phone sat in silence, indicating that she perhaps was not.

When it finally did buzz, it was just a reminder that I was seeing Dr. J today instead of Friday this week.

I should have canceled that. I felt fine. I only practiced twice since last time and my hips didn’t even hurt.

But I went anyway.

Everyone knows that it’s I FACT that its impossible to eat an entire banana at once and I feel fine, I bemoaned.

My c2 was definitely out.

She also tried something new, that was amazing… I’ll google and share later.

Anyway, I left her office, went straight to Publix, and bought a banana, plus non-gross tortillas to revisit the Bananadog…

Which was fantastic, and I ate the whole thing!

No doubt about it. I’m nuts!!!

This is exactly why I totally depend on the people around me and should not be trusted to make decisions for myself, especially when it comes to food.


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