VERY serious question!!


What is Golden Corral????

I tried caramel last week, for the first time ever, as part of the try food challenge… And pretty much think it should go on E V E R Y T H I N G!!!

While I was driving home tonight, I saw a sign, for what I thought was, a mountain of orange juice– Which would be weird! But it made me read the sign. It wasn’t an orange juice mountain… It was a CARAMEL FOUNTAIN!!!! And said “new at Golden Corral” Well, if water shoots out of a water fountain, and soda shoots out of a soda fountain, I want to find the one that caramel shoots out of!!!!

Of course, we did have to have a little talk. It’s ok that I eat massive amounts of peanut butter by itself, and on everything, because it’s got protein and stuff. caramel is something that people eat just for fun, not all the time, and it is not meant to go on everything.


5 thoughts on “VERY serious question!!

  1. Golden Corral is a buffet style restaurant. It usually costs I think $6-9 per person and it’s all you can eat. They’ve got American food, a salad bar, Italian food, I think they’ve got Asian food, Southern style food, and they’ve got a dessert bar with all sorts of cakes, cookies, and goodies. I think they’ve got ice cream as well…

    It’s good, but beware, the amount of food in there can be overwhelming. If you are prone to binging, I would not recommend going until you feel secure that you can stop when you want to. They have good food, it can just be a bit overwhelming.

      • I would definitely recommend getting your caramel at the grocery store. Much better. And yeah, as the below has stated you can make caramel at home. It’s quite fun. Kinda messy(well, I’m messy when making it) but fun.

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