Maybe I shouldn’t….

But I have too many thoughts, and for the time being, this blog is still mine. The names are not the same, and I am not selling anything. I’ve consulted with a few experts and waiting for more information.

Today, I pretty much slept through yoga. The mirrors were hard to deal with.

When I came home I worked on getting more stuff out of my car. I did laundry. Not just clothes for tomorrow, and the next day to leave balled up in the dryer. I washed clothes. Then I hung or folded as appropriate and put away. I washed the my extra set of sheets. I folded those and put them away too.

The last time I had clean sheets or clean clothes someplace other than the dryer, my dad was healthy.

People talk about being in “survival mode” after hard times…. I think I’ve been there for the past 16 years. Just trying to get to the next day, or next big event. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t feel like I needed to keep my most important things and most clothes in my car, so I’d be covered the next time everything fell apart.


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