Lots of yoga!

I’m still practicing everyday, and still determined to do the whole year. I’ve had all kinds of hit or miss yoga lately. There’s just no telling. Some days (like today) are great, but yesterday, I don’t think I got much past balancing stick before curling up on my mat for the rest of class. My C-spine has been super stiff. Yesterday, the first breathing made me cry, and I didn’t even do second set. I think it might be from letting Avery sleep with me. She always kicks me into a contorted ball.

Classes start tomorrow. Registering was a nightmare. But it’s all set now. I’m taking Humanities, Child Psychology, and Personal Wellness. I’m a little bit nervous about that last one. It says you do a personal diet analysis in the description. I’m doing a good job, I eat fruits, veggies and coffee easily, plus I’ve been trying to get more protein through nuts and legumes. This is all HUGE for me. No one who knows me could find much to complain about these days. But, i don’t think it’s really “normal” either. I still don’t eat lunch, or hardly any grains. I’m afraid they’ll want more than I can do, and then my grade will get messed up because of something I can’t control. Also, I can’t really handle counting calories or using apps like My Fitness Pal. The description also says we’ll be required to exercise regularly… I hope yoga and Trikke count.


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