Today, was a very strange yoga class! We had 4 regulars, 1 new-ish person, and 5 first timers (they didn’t all come as a group either)! It was CRAZY! Coming out of camel the teacher was trying to reassure all the new people that whatever they were experiencing was normal and she said “you get lots of sensations in yoga. Maybe your hands tingle or your toes buzz… This yoga is just sensational!”

Yesterday, I went to my first “personal wellness” class. It was traumatic… To say the very least. She said “Next week on Wednesday, you need to wear shorts, so I can measure your fat,” and…. I pretty much freaked out. She went around the room and asked each person why they took this class, most said “to lose weight”, I said it looked interesting. Brains’ advice was to drop the class immediately. Except, it took 4 hours to find a class that satisfied the requirements I needed, and had openings, and worked with my schedule. Plus, messing with my schedule would affect the steno and her boss and the services coordinator and I don’t want anyone to think I’m difficult.

I emailed the teacher. We’ll see. Yesterday was, of course, doubles Monday. After the first class, one of my yoga buddies asked why my practice seemed so aggressive. The second class, I crashed sometime around balancing stick and didn’t do most of the floor series. Near the end, I sat up, because laying on the floor was hurting my ribs, and the teacher told me not to be so aggressive…. I spent the entire 180 minutes focusing on next week’s fat test and apparently everyone could tell.

Tonight, I was well prepared for class and it was amazing. 10 minutes before start time we decided we would either have silent class or practice to the CD since it was a small group… As soon as we said it the 5 first timers walked in!

I had a great class. Everything just worked. It felt good. The new girl behind me smiled non-stop and made the funniest faces when we were looking at each other during all the backbends. She made me so happy to share the yoga with her.

As of now, I’m at 14 classes in 14 days and going strong. My practice is improving and my body feels good.


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