I can have my cake and lick it too!


I was so, ridiculously excited to find this after months and months of searching all over. It’s from the fall limited edition flavors and not still available.


And then Avery ate it… Doesn’t she look proud?

Luckily, SC and Lizard came to my rescue!



This morning started off with a bang! My mother texting me at the ass crack of dawn demanding money… Her suggestion??? “Just stop eating dinner to save some money.” Helllooooooo! Selfish monster! Do you remember how much screaming, crying, and drama went into actually eating dinner!!? What kind of mother says something so vicious to her anorexic child?

I had to blow off some emotional steam, so I took it to the hot room.

Where I had incredibly FUN yoga!
It was a bunch of regulars and we were all in the room setting up when two new people walked in. One woman had been there the other night, and this morning she returned with her mother! The mom walked in and goes “where’s the back? The lady out front said to set up in the back and find someone to follow. Who can I watch?” The others directed her to me. Her daughter ended up on the other side of the room. It was a small class, so the teacher took the daughter, left me with the mom and mostly took class with us. It was great fun. We all laughed a lot!

When I got home, I took a nice eucalyptus Epsom salt bath and cooked an awesome sweet dumpling dinner


I stuffed it with quinoa, rice, pecan and raisins. The raisins were the best part.

The Bish and Bishopzin are heading to Israel next week. Last time my support system left the country… I kind of fell apart! She helped me talk to the personal wellness teacher last week. It’s going to be ok. She was super supportive and nice. I don’t have to wear shorts, she is not going to make me do the body fat lab and I can skip the calorie counting project if needed.

So, that’s sorted out. Chapstick crisis has been resolved. Brains is not also going out of town this time and my friend is coming back from Spain this weekend. I am trying to be prepared and ok. I don’t need tons of support, but just the reassurance of having people around is extraordinarily grounding.


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