Laugh out loud yoga

So far, I have taken 16 classes in 18 days. My goal is to end every month caught up, which is totally do-able right now.

I’ve been watching the cutest, happiest baby EVER a few afternoons a week. Right now, I’m baby-sitting a little girl from the yoga daycare (she’s asleep). And this afternoon I got a text from another family looking for a regular sitter in the afternoons. With pressure from my mother and impermanence of my current living arrangement, this is all very good!

This morning we had a teacher visiting from my home town! The room was jam packed, and HOT! This teacher is very very funny. She could probably be a stand up comic if she wasn’t a yoga teacher. But she’s also very tough. She doesn’t put up with any kind of half-ass effort, and is NOT shy to call anyone out. I was first. Lol. I sat back on my heels in the last part of awkward and she nailed me immediately. I laughed and fell out, everyone else laughed too. A few seconds later she got another regular. He cracked up too. It set the tone for a very enjoyable class. Not one single person sat out any postures, not even triangle! I have never seen that happen before! She did such an amazing job tending to the class as a whole and each persons’ individual needs simultaneously. It was incredible!

Before class, a newer regular seemed extremely apprehensive. She didn’t like not having the “normal” Saturday teacher and considered leaving, but I talked her into staying. After class she thanked both me and the teacher many times over. It was great!


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