On an entirely different plane

The class I’m taking on line is Child Psychology. Each week we have two assignments and two discussion boards, where we interact with each other. This week’s discussions were to write about a unique experience to your peer group. 75% of the class wrote about September 11th. I wrote about the Space Program, and my friend, Ilan, who died aboard the Columbia. The teacher wrote back immediately, she responds to every single discussion post, but usually just a sentence, like “I agree with XYZ point.” She wrote a full paragraph saying how much she lived it, and that she remembered Columbia, but not Ilan. So I linked a short video about him which she also replied to.

The second discussion was on how kids copy behavior modeled on tv. The example in the book was about a kid who watched wrestling on tv then beat up his cousin. All 29 of my classmates wrote about violence. I checked the directions over and over and they just said to write about how television can influence behavior, and use research to support your argument… I wrote about eating disorders. I’m nervous, because I didn’t do like everyone else, and she hasn’t responded yet. I like what I wrote. It’s one of those things she’ll either love it or hate it I suspect. I just wish I knew which one! I can’t fall asleep, I keep checking to see if she’s read it yet.


2 thoughts on “On an entirely different plane

  1. I’ll put on my professor hat for a moment….don’t be nervous! You have nothing to be nervous about. And don’t worry about what she’s gonna think either. Use these assignments for you. Obviously follow the directions, but use them to develop yourself. Weather your prof. likes of hates them is irrelevant. It’s all about your growth! 🙂

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