No. Not that stuff in your water bottle. Bathroom Purgers Aplenty.

This is a frequent occurrence on campus. I mean, I do it at home. And I got caught at work a while back, which was embarrassing. But, to be living with MV so strongly in control, that you are purging in a busy public restroom… There is obviously a need for support and resources on campus here. And I want to do something.

If they were gay students crying for help in the bathroom I could go to the GSA website and “start a chapter” where is that for eating disordered students? Can’t we try to be proactive and get something going before a student dies? That’s be pretty cool.

I bet I could even get the fat lab teacher as a staff supporter. Her kids are still babies, but I can tell from the long argument about doing that lab, she understands MV. I’m not going to get away with anything in there.


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