Deep fried Oreos!?

My friend posted pictures of herself eating deep fried Oreos.

It’s so frustrating to me.

I ate a spinach salad tonight after two weeks of serious restricting to get ready for the fat lab (that I’m not allowed to do), and now I’m curled up in a ball, crying. I want to purge. Fighting it, big time.

Meanwhile, there are people out there who can just snarf up deep fried Oreos without having an anxiety attack over it.

Is it horrible to be jealous?


3 thoughts on “Deep fried Oreos!?

  1. um, no, i dont think jealousy is out of line. My sister recently visited and I was really jealous that she ate three healthy, well balanced meals a day (plus snacks if hungry!) without overthinking it or really, thinking about it all. Sometimes, it takes MORE discipline not to restrict. (Deep fried oreos sound kinda gross, though, and i like oreos.)

    I hope you feel better once the fat lab of doom is over. I am glad you cant do it…. those skinfold tests are notoriously inaccurate, anyway, so any reaction you would have might not have much to do with reality.

    • I felt better about the fat lab as soon as she made it clear that it was no longer my choice to do, or not do it. When it was, I felt a lot of pressure to do it. Like I had to show that I’m fine, and to not be different or draw negative attention to myself, or have to explain to any classmates why I didn’t want to do it. Once she decided for me, I just felt relief, like at the very beginning of treatment when you realize that nothing is up to you any more and other people are better at making decisions than you are.

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