Fat Lab

Is it possible that not knowing, is making me just as nuts as knowing would?

A L L I think about is fat.


I have googled every measurement based body fat percentage formula. I have looked at every chart I can find. I have been spending more time with my scale, than I have with my dog lately. Formulas are only predictions, impedance is not that accurate, underwater is best, but pinching is a cost effective alternative. Blah blah blah.

Inside, outside, upside down, everyone and everything are constantly reassuring; normal, NORMAL, NORMAL! but I can’t take it.

I want to know for sure!!!!!

I feel like I need to do the lab to prove that I’m ok, and normal, and stuff… But, clearly this preoccupation is NOT normal! Just like restricting, purging, and running the stairs (with my books and laptop) are NOT normal!

Either way I am completely and totally consumed by this stupid project.

I want to know!!!!!


One thought on “Fat Lab

  1. Well… think about this… even if you “knew”, would you REALLY know? No, you would not, because of the huge margin of error. (I had my bodyfat tested twice in my twenties by the same method, by the same tester, two months apart, and there was a whopping 8 points difference! Never doing that again.) It would just give you something to second guess.

    I hope this part of the class ends soon, so you can stop worrying.

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