Surprise bonus!

In addition to the body composition, we are also doing fitness testing… Cue flashbacks to elementary school Presidential Fitness Test. YUCK!

So, today we also did sit-ups and push-ups. I didn’t do the push-ups because it’s a lot of pressure on the shoulders, and if I’m going to go popping joints out, I’d rather do it in the hot room. I did, however, do the sit-ups… AND I was the only girl in class to fall into the “Excellent” category! I did more sit-ups than anyone!

This had surprising results during yoga. Every time I looked in the mirror and started to think “man, I hate my stomach.” I quickly reminded myself that there were “Excellent” abs in there somewhere, and they got that way through lots of good yoga, so I should focus on improving so I could try to beat the boys at the end of the semester. It ended up being super positive and motivating, especially at times where I would have sat down, just to take a break from looking at myself.

Part of me wants to argue that the fat lab could work the same way… But the honest part of me knows that everything I told the steno earlier was true, and I really don’t need those numbers.


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