Sweet Exchange

Last night, I went to game night at a friend’s house wayyyy out in the country. Driving an hour home at midnight, I decided I had to know why Da Brains ended up an ED expert. So when I got home at 1am, I emailed and asked.

This was her reply (at 7am on a Saturday):
LOL….yes, you have a point! I do love a challenge. I also grew up in a southern family that albiet lovingly tried to teach me that looking “your best” (trim, hair done, made up, well dressed) and being “polite” was most important in a “young lady.” Meanwhile I watched my grandmothers and aunts go on diet after diet and live in oppressive situations where they did not have much of a voice or power. So, I suppose it left a big impression. In fact, I know it did. Because I too get trapped from time to time in those messages. But I fight them too much more than I submit and that’s empowering. Helping others helps me stay on track and connected to what’s most important: how much you love and what you contribute to the world. How’s that?

Have a restful weekend 🙂

So then I wrote back


To which she replied:


All before 8am on a Saturday morning from her cellphone (Carm thinks we should discuss boundaries).

I am so thankful to have such an amazing person in my life. These answers are incredible.


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