“The Girls!”

I wrote the other day about girls purging in the bathrooms on campus, and how upsetting it was to me.

I talked to Da Brains and my BFF, Carm, about it, and that I felt strongly compelled to do something.

I suggested passing out breath mints in the bathrooms. Apparently that is called “enabling” *shrug* but BD made a suggestion:


So, this afternoon, Carm helped me write about 80 sticky notes to hang up.


We Googled “eating disorder affirmations” and used what we found to make a bowl full of good thoughts.


DB was sure to caution me


So, I’d just like to point out that I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten everyday and definitely have not purged even once since this started.


2 thoughts on ““The Girls!”

  1. There’s a lot of eating disorder…stuff and negative self-talk swirling around my school (I think I’m just hyperaware of it), and people do something like the sticky notes there too. It’s usually graffiti–as in, Sharpie to stall door, rather than removable note–but it’s still really nice to see an unexpected affirmation as you duck into a stall.

    And I like that reminder about having to help yourself before you can help others. It’s like oxygen masks on a plane, right? To make sure you’re fully present and able to help others to the best of your capabilities? “In the event of an emergency, please be sure to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting children and others…” I need to remember that myself more often.

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