Fat and Fit lab

It’s FINALLY over!!!!!!
I did sit-ups, grip strength, flexibility, and lung capacity.

Lung capacity scored the lowest. I’m in the “poor” category. But I think this might be a little bit of math thing. I am, by far, the smallest student in the class, just in stature and build. It’s all proportionate, right? Smaller body, smaller lungs, lower capacity… Kinda makes sense. You can’t put 8 ounces of water in a 2 ounce glass.

Grip strength was above average. I was actually surprised by this, because I can not finger stand at all! I guess that special Bikram grip really does pay off.

Flexibility. Well, had I been the only person in the room I’d be quite displeased with my sit-and-reach. I wanted to reach past the edge of the box. I didn’t get quite that far, but I did reach all the way to the maximum of the measuring thingy. You needed a 6 to reach the “excellent” category….

I got a 25.

The next girl in line made the best face ever and said “holy shit! Can you do it again!? I don’t believe my eyes! I didn’t know humans could bend like that!” So I did… I wanted to try for the edge of the box again anyway. It’s kind of a funny test though. I mean using the arms to measure leg flexibility, it’s just kind of strange. I have super long arms and a tiny body. When I was windsurfing, I had a coach who called me Ape Girl because my arms were so long we had to rig my sail differently!

I didn’t do the fat testing. The steno is still giving me grief. She told me to stop being so stupid. I’m not dumb! I have an eating disorder! It’s NOT the same thing! So, I attempted to sneak into the fat line, just to shut her up. But the teacher saw me and made me leave the room.


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