Next up…

I read through my book to prepare myself for what’s coming up in the Nutrition and Weight Control units later this month.

– 1 day, and a 5 day food log/calorie counting activity. These will both be fine.
– caloric and fat distribution. I already did this because I had some extra time and my answers won’t change. It asked for 3 processes foods you eat on a regular basis. I did peanut butter and string cheese, and scratched out the third section because there’s nothing else processed that I eat on a regular basis. One question asked you to identify lower fat and calorie “swaps”. Of course, I am great at that… But I scratched out the question.
– ED risk factor survey that they call “inventory of eating habits”. Sure, I’ll take it. Why not? It’s not like anyone’s gonna be shocked by the results.
– Nutrition goal setting. I love a good food contract!
– desirable body weight. Here’s to assuming the answer is “no” plus you can’t do it without the fat lab results.
– eating behavior assessment. It’s just a longer version of the same thing. Again, I’ll do it.
– Weight control and goal setting. In this one, you calculate how to lose 2 pounds per week. I propose extra credit to anyone who can beat that. I think it looks interesting, but I doubt I’ll be doing it.


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