My Best Friend

From here on out, I’ve had less time with you, than without you.

Crushing, smothering, suffocating, devastating sadness.

I took a 3 hour bubble bath, chatted with an is friend who has recently reappeared in my life, argued with Da Brains about rules that haven’t changed since day 1, but I suddenly decided to have issues with. And I spent some time working on the big Girl Scout reunion project. I tracked down two friends I haven’t spoken to or heard from since lower elementary school, which was shocking and wonderful for all of us. Then I realized a name was missing from the list and asked about her, and was saddened to learn she died last year.

Overall it was a strange day of love, loss, sadness, hope, frustration, friendship and introspection.

The argument with DB ended with me changing my home screen to this:

As a joke. Even our debates are humorous.

Followed by this:

Which I’m keeping, because it’s colorful, and happy, and sweet.

Yes. I ignore a lot of emails. Thanks for noticing. 😉


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