Food Labs

I survived the never ending fat lab, now it’s onto food labs! Lots of them. It’s also my group project chapter. Naturally, both are stressful.

My group is… Somewhat less than cohesive, to put it lightly. The day we made groups the teacher came over and told them that I don’t use the phone, but I’m great with text/email, was everyone comfortable with text based communication. Both of them said yes, and we exchanged email addresses. I started emailing both of them that night. Neither replied. I sent 2 more emails, then the boy started answering. The girl told him in class she never checks her email. Lovely.

We decided that I’d write the handout and they’d each present half the chapter. Now, honestly, as much as I complain about it, this is not a difficult class and this is a simple project, with straight forward directions; teach your chapter, provide a 1 page outline for each student, and have a visual or kinesthetic aide to engage the class.

As it happens, the information in our chapter is quite outdated and we are supposed to research and teach the current MyPlate. That means, we ALL need to review and organize a lot of information in order to all be on the same page.

The girl doesn’t check email and refuses to meet before or after class. The boy is a broken record “she is doing the pyramid, and I am doing the macros.”

I’m not sure how many more ways I can explain to him that we ALL need to be working from the same information. I sent them a very detailed 7 page outline and asked them to review and respond. Neither even looked at it.

I have made several visual aide suggestions that neither have responded to.

She said we could give her the outline the class before our presentation and she’d make the copies. I have politely asked them to let me know what they plan to do so I could have the outline ready. I have only worked 2 days in the past 2 weeks and REALLY did not want to PAY to print these when there was a FREE alternative.

Tomorrow morning is the class before our presentation. I was awake ALL last night, quite ill, I am exhausted, and frustrated, and sitting awake hoping someone will send me something!

Oh. I also have an appointment the morning of our presentation, and I’m not even sure I’m going to BE there! I guess tomorrow, I’ll go in early, outline anything I feel like, and make a PowerPoint. I DESPISE group work.

The labs, however, are under control. The actual activities are not difficult, but some of the questions, were hard to deal with. DB helped me with them this afternoon, and I LOVE how they came out!!!! On the worksheets, I wrote my initial answers in one color, and the ones I had help with in a different color with a little key on the sheet. That way if she wants to grade only my own work she can tell. Here are a couple of the answers she helped me with.



We had fun with these!

The teacher emailed this afternoon and asked to see my book tomorrow. I’m sure, to remove the activities I obviously shouldn’t do… Like calculating my “desirable body weight” and “lose 2 pounds per week” but I wrote our answers in on those pages anyway.


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