Little sponges

Today I met a little girl who threw a granola bar in my face, screamed “OPEN IT!!!”, and she had no idea what the magic word was (nor did her older brother).

However, as soon as she finished her snack, she knew immediately to do push-ups to “burn the calories”… And lemme just tell you, she had impeccable form.

She was three years old.

What if we taught our children to give thanks before a meal, instead of to do penance after it?

What if we spent more time face-to-face, or face-to-book, and less time on Facebook?

What if we readily expressed humility before hostility?

What if we replaced all of our judgmental thoughts with joyful ones?

What would happen if we taught our kids to value self-love over stuff-love?

Would it still be so compelling to give up everything that really matters, for the only thing doesn’t?


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