It all happened super fast, but I now have a more consistent job. I covered yoga on Friday and the mom of the kids asked if I babysat outside of yoga. I said yes, she gave my number to a friend, I met them that day and started today! I’m watching their little girl 25-30 hours a week! She is adorable!

This is much needed and exciting. But it means I have to be careful with time management. I had been staying after my Monday/Wednesday class to work on my online class until yoga time. Now, on the days I watch her, I will be going straight from class to their house. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will go to their house before class, put her down for her nap at noon, then run to class from 12:30-1:45, then get back to their house as close to 2 as possible because that’s when she wakes up. The dad works from home, she won’t be left alone. He finishes work around 3:30, so on the days I watch the little boy, I’ll leave her house and go right to pick him up from school.

Today, with her was long. They said she pretty much watches tv and eats all morning. They don’t have books. I took her for a long walk today, which she loved. I’m familiar with their part of town, which is full of ornate old houses, big shady trees, and long wide sidewalks. The entire area is dotted with nice little parks too.

I downloaded a run/walk app that works with Pandora. It’s a couch to 5k type thing with 30 minute workouts three times a week. I figured this way I’ll be getting her outside and away from the tv, looking at all of the architectural elements that we’re studying in my humanities class, and working out as required for my personal wellness class.

Saturday, when I knew this was happening, I went to Panera and started working ahead on the writing assignments for my online class. The quizzes and discussions can’t be done early, but all of the written assignments and bookworm are listed.

I’m feeling positive and optimistic for now.

I’m totally panicking.

This week’s online assignments just posted, we’ve had 2 chapters due each week, this week…? FOUR chapters are due.

And I just remembered that I have a paper due the 25th in humanities, all responding to videos that aren’t captioned 😦


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