Elmo Running

I started watching a new little girl this week. I’m in love with her. I feel like I’ve known the family forever. She’s just a sweet snuggly, baby (16 months). The dad works from home, so he’s around. Both parents are extremely tall and statuesque, not in any way fat, but both could easily have been sculpted from marble.

The dad is so funny, he keeps saying things like “oh, you can’t reach any of the cabinets.” “Those are the tiniest hands I’ve ever seen!” “Do we look like giants to you?” “Is your whole family little like you?”

Yesterday, he joined us for a walk, and near the end he was getting out of breath and goes “for such a small person, you walk really fast!”

He also, asked me if I have an eating disorder… I said no.

Anyway, they have a nice jogging stroller, really nice sidewalks and tons of parks, so I’ve been taking her out everyday and using a run/walk app, that I set to Elmo music. She loves it. I love it. It’s been a while since I’ve run with any kind of consistency, and I feel great! I also use her to do the “baby bench press” and any other weighted exercise I can think of. She loves it. I love it. I use the time to teach her stuff, like this afternoon, we were working on up/down while doing squats. I backbend to make tunnels for her cars. There are just so many creative ways to move, stretch and strengthen, when spending all day on the floor with a baby!

Plus, her dad is a big fan of “educational” tv, so today she snuggled in my lap to watch a show while I studied for a test on Thursday.


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