I’m really ok…

The past week has been extremely challenging in all sorts of ways. I started baby-sitting for a second family, quite unexpectedly. They are wonderful, and I’m happy to do it, but the sudden change was shocking to my routine-loving self. I had major assignments due in all 3 classes and way less time than I’d expected.

I got it all done.

I did fine on all of it.

We got a 100% on the group project. I got 100% on all of the assignments for the on line class.

The crazy humanities essay project that had me in tears or up all night near daily for the past two weeks were due today.

She put each person’s paper up on the projector and graded them in front of the whole class! I was freaking out. This was, by far, the most difficult paper I have ever written. Two of the nine sections were especially challenging, one involving an uncaptioned video that I could not understand, and one was just summarizing an article. Except the article had a lot of foreign proper nouns and was oddly written. I ended up making paper dolls and acting it out to finally understand it.

There are 35 people in my class.

Mine was the only paper that didn’t have to be rewritten.

I’m ok.

All the screaming, and crying and panicking all week was ridiculous, and it all worked out.


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